An HDD Caddy is the solution!

Extra storage with an HDD Caddy or SSD Caddy

Are you in dire need of extra storage space on your laptop or are you tired of walking around with heavy external hard drives? A hard drive caddy is the solution to your problems! A hard drive caddy or an SSD Drive Caddy offers extra storage space on your laptop and can be easily installed because it replaces your laptop’s DVD-player. Therefore, installing an HDD Caddy is really easy and can be done within just a few minutes. In order to ensure the best-looking result, you can easily place the front panel of your DVD-player onto your hard drive caddy. Our HDD Caddies are made from aluminium, which is an excellent qualitative material.

Installing your Hard Drive Caddy or SSD Caddy

You can take out your laptop’s DVD-player with a screwdriver, place your hard-drive into the HDD Caddy or SSD Drive Caddy and place it in the DVD-player slot. You can even place the front panel of your DVD-player on your HDD Caddy to make the laptop a whole again. And if you are keen on using your DVD-drive too, we provide DVD cases that turn your laptop’s DVD-player into an external DVD drive. This way, you can enjoy the extra storage and still play DVD’s on your laptop whenever you want to. Do you still need the DVD player sometimes? No problem – just order the handy DVD player casing as well! Oh, and if you still should have difficulties? We have handy instructional films and a helpful Ask your question to our customer service.

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Advantages of an HDD Caddy

Suited for all laptops with an internal optical drive

You replace the optical drive, but you don't see anything of it on the outside

Easily more storage capacity in your laptop

The best upgrade/price with a SSD

Windows and OS X will recognize the HDD Caddy immediately

Dual-boot is supported

Our customer service

The customer service is there for you every day via the contact page. We will do our best to answer your questions as soon as possible, even on Saturday and Sunday!

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Tip: optical drive cases



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